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Sweet little Nol-ey turned one last Sunday and I was honored to be able to witness his first cake smash:)Nolan has had quite the first year! So thankful for him, his family and his lovey dovey cheeks:)blog 1PINIMAGEblog 2PINIMAGEblog 3PINIMAGEblog 8PINIMAGEblog 5PINIMAGEblog 6PINIMAGEblog 7PINIMAGEblog 9PINIMAGEblog 4PINIMAGE

Don’t forget to Vote on the 2014 Portrait of the Year!-it’s the last day and the poll will close at 11:59 Sunday. It’s getting a little intense for some of you who are neck and neck:)Click here if you have yet to vote!

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It’s time for another end-of-the-year review and contest! The time of year where you-blog readers-get to choose the 2014 M. Photography Portrait of the year!  This year I sat down and went through every folder, month by month and choose out images that stood out to me or that I liked, and then I went through and weeded through my top 20, and it was really really hard to come to ten, but ten it is for this year! 10 images that stuck out and were a favorite to me and YES even though it was  VERY hard for me to narrow it down to only 10, the hardest part will be your job to choose the best out of these ten for me!

Most of all- thank you each and every 2014 client for many many favorites throughout the year, all the smiles and laughs. I couldn’t have done it without all of you!

Now for that nitty gritty —Each computer is only allowed to vote once, so choose wisely! You can only vote for one image, make it your favorite one too!  The contest will end and the voting poll will close at 11:59:59 on Sunday 12/27/14. AND the winner will receive a $25 gift card of their choice: Starbucks {duh!}, Target, Restaurant of choice, or Bass Pro… Now Get Voting! aPINIMAGEbPINIMAGEcPINIMAGEdPINIMAGEePINIMAGEfPINIMAGEgPINIMAGEhPINIMAGEiPINIMAGEjPINIMAGE

Which image above---A-J, do you like the BEST?!
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The day we walked 19,000 steps all started by walking up winding winding spiral staircase 284 steps to the top of the Arc de Triomphe.?????PINIMAGESeeing the lovely sites panoramic sites of the Eiffel Tower and gazing down the Champs Elysees, all while dodging the green hats and shirts all girls school tour.?????PINIMAGE?????PINIMAGE?????PINIMAGE
After a quick “I’m on top of the Arc de Triophe Selfie”?????PINIMAGEwe started the 284 steps winding winding spiral staircase all the way down. The architecture was amazing! ?????PINIMAGE?????PINIMAGE?????PINIMAGE

Then it was a walk down the Champs Elysees {Side note Champs Elysees is my all time favorite french word to say-look it up on google translate here  If I ever felt like blurting out some french I would just say “Champs Elysees” in my best french accent impersonation.}?????PINIMAGE
We stopped along to pick up lunch at Paul {baguette sandwiches} and a little after lunch dessert at the famous Laudree.?????PINIMAGE?????PINIMAGE?????PINIMAGEThen we took our sandwhichese to the Tuilleries Gardens for a picnic.?????PINIMAGE?????PINIMAGE?????PINIMAGEAfter lunch we took a leisurely walk to the Obelisk?????PINIMAGEAnd then it was off to skip the line at the Orangerie Museum {much to some grumpy looks of others without the museum pass} No pictures allowed, but seeing Monet’s water lilly painting in person- a picture would not have done justice. What had looked like a great rain storm missed us and we enjoyed a great walk to the Louvre, where we again were able to get in the shorter line and enter into the museum {along with half of the city-very crowed on this French Holiday} ?????PINIMAGE?????PINIMAGE?????PINIMAGE

We finally found the Mona Lisa-CROWDED!!!

Where’s Waldo!?!?! {spot anyone that looks familar?}
?????PINIMAGEBy this time our FEET ARE ACHING! We sat in the window seats of one of the exhibits and found the closest bus station {so we wouldn’t have to walk forever to the metro} and went back to our apartment to put our feet up before dinner. ?????PINIMAGE

?????PINIMAGELots of street art by our apartment

Dinner was the famous Le Relais de L’entrecote where the only thing on their menu is steak & “frites” {fries} This was one of our favorite meals in Paris! 133PINIMAGE?????PINIMAGE

And of course our ice cream stop of the day-Grom! Mmmm one of the best Italian Affogato  ?????PINIMAGE

Lots and lots of walking but a a great day in the city! ?????PINIMAGE

Until next time!

Au Revoir – Miranda

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Tyler how can you be a senior?! But its true! Your just not that little munchkin running around at Family things anymore:)Thanks for allowing me the privilege to take your senior pictures! It was a blast!! Have a great rest of your senior year and God’s blessings to you in the future! blog tyPINIMAGEblog ty 08PINIMAGEblog ty 05PINIMAGEblog ty 07PINIMAGEblog ty 06PINIMAGEblog ty 01PINIMAGE

We had some wonderful helpers on our shoot! Thanks girls for helping me get Tyler’s “REAL” smiletyler help 03PINIMAGE

And for holding clothes, bows, coats etc! :) tyler help 02PINIMAGEtyler help 01PINIMAGEblog ty 02PINIMAGEblog ty 04PINIMAGEblog ty 03PINIMAGEblog ty 09PINIMAGE

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