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I see this little face pop up from time to time because it’s in the top of my photo folders 

and its hard to believe that he isn’t this little kid anymore but a big grown up kid now! :) 

and this sweet little girl is just a ball of fun!! 

Thanks Stoller’s for letting me capture your family again this year, you know how much I love it!! 

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The city of love and full of adventure. Back in June {yes I’m horrible at keeping you all updated} A couple cousins {and really good friends} & I set off on a Parisian adventure! I’d love to share so much with you, but I have way too many words and too many pictures to make just one post… so I’m going to randomly post “Pieces of Paris”, they will go in no such order of events and will mainly be about one piece of our trip.

{Part 1} | Place de Vosges, a flash mob & my $8 eclair.

Place de Vosges//one of the oldest squares in the city//in the Marais district//

We decided that stopping by L’Éclair de génie and picking up a tasty eclair and eating it in the park with some coffee sounded marvelous. I choose the Vanilla Pecan with a bit of caramel, it was a very hard decision {which one would you pick-click hereI think I changed my mind while ordering aloud about three times, the poor french speaking eclair seller. But really  how could you choose when they had so many delightful combinations and you wanted to get the best but also watch your spending because the more elaborate the more euros! Mine came out to be around $8 american dollars. So I saved it and did not sneak a bite and carefully carried it all the way to the park 

Upon entering the park we were disappointed because there were people “milling” about everywhere! We picked a park bench to sit on and were just about ready to indulge in that first glorious eclair bite and we noticed that the people who were in the park weren’t milling about, there were some cozy on picnic blankets, but others were standing completely still frozen in place, then we noticed people taking pictures of the still figures

….all of the sudden the music started and flash mob/dance off. The frozen broke loose into dancing, we ran over to get close to the action for some great picture shots

MVI 0385 from Enjoy M. Photo on Vimeo.

In the meantime as I’m trying to balance my camera single handed while holding my coffee & eclair- yep you guessed it I dropped my eclair right into the gravel! So after the dancing I dusted/picked gravel off my $8 eclair and ate it anyway…grit-crunch-smooth creamy-grit-crunch bite. Despite the bits of crunch/grit that was not pecans it was the yummiest eclair to date:)

We couldn’t quite figure out exactly who was in the dancing/flash mob group, I’m assuming possibly something with veterans because it was shortly after D-Day. They were all dressed adorable! 

Such a pretty park and surrounding area! 

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  • sarahflyingkites - Such a fun post! Love the flash mob – perfect timing!

    And the eclair looks amazing – I SO would have done the same thing…pick it up and eat it! :)

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